True Mindfulness in Law Practice

Mindfulness for LawyersPerhaps no other profession in contemporary American society serves to further disconnect its practitioners from a grounded sense of being than does the practice of law.  Though most attorneys gravitate towards the legal profession out of a genuine interest in being helpful and of benefit to others, the cerebral nature of legal training and practice, over time, often serves to ensnare attorneys in analytical thought creating a painful separation from present-moment experience.

It is this excessive, often compulsive thought, analysis, and judgement that commonly leaves attorneys fractured and disconnected from a felt sense of being in the present moment; it is only within the present moment that one may find inner peace and sustainable health and happiness.

The MINDFULAW Mindfulness for Lawyers program helps to counteract years of conditioning that may have led not only to career dissatisfaction, but recurring difficulties in other areas of your life.

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My work/life integration program cultivates necessary clarity to see those components of your life that are and are not serving you. I combine mindfulness training with business and marketing consulting and provide ongoing support.

Mindfulness for Lawyers

Mindfulness training and exercises will heighten your connection to present-moment experience, help you disidentify from learned conditioning, and cultivate a connection to inner wisdom.  More concretely, our Mindfulness for Lawyers program is generally structured as follows: (1) Introduction to Mindfulness; (2) Mindfulness Applications to Lawyers and Law Practice; (3) Development of a Customized Mindfulness Program; (4) Clarifying Professional and Personal Goals and Intentions; and (5) Adopting and Implementing a More Mindful Approach to Law Practice.  Learn more

Core Identification

Connection to felt sense of what matters most to you as a unique individual, and an inventory of people, places, things, and activities in your life to assess which are consistent with this identified core being.  Learn more

Life Intention

Development of clearly articulated goals and intentions towards which you will direct future time and energy, both in your “personal” and “professional” domains.

Business and Marketing Plan

Development of a concrete, practical plan to cultivate a likelihood that feeds those aspects of your unique being and lead to optimal happiness and inner peace.  I will employ more than ten years of experience providing highly effective marketing solutions to attorneys and law firms both in-house and as an independent consultant. Learn more

Ongoing Support

I will serve as an ongoing coach to provide sustained motivation, accountability and on-demand troubleshooting.  My ongoing support can include weekly consultations in-office, or via videoconference or telephone.

About Mike

Holistic Attorney and Mindfulness Teacher

Mindfulness for LawyersMike Lubofsky is a holistic attorney and mindfulness teacher that works to integrate mindfulness in the practice of law. For more than 25 years years Mike has engaged in mindfulness training from experienced teachers across the United States. He is also a current student in a 300-hour, first-of-its-kind Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training Program offered by Warrior One, a leading U.S. provider of mindfulness programs for attorneys and law students.

Mike practiced law for several years as a commercial litigator in an East Coast law firm of 100 attorneys. Since relocating to California in 1995, he has maintained a holistic law and mediation practice, together with a consulting practice providing Internet marketing solutions to attorneys and law firms.

Mike’s professional background includes a B.A., cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Psychology, and a J.D. from Boston University School of Law, with honors. Mike is admitted to practice law in California and Connecticut, and is a certified, court-approved Mediator in the Alameda County Superior Courts.