Making Friends With Law Practice

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The practice of law is a helping profession.  Like medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy, nursing, and many other professions, clients come to attorneys with some particular “problem” they hope to have alleviated or at least lessened in intensity.  The ability to effectively address these concerns requires an openness to the suffering others.  Predominant conditioning, and especially

Right Livelihood for Mindful Attorneys

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If you are like me, you have spent extensive time and energy over the years analyzing situations and phenomena in an ongoing attempt to devise and implement strategies believed essential for "happiness."  If you are like me, your "mindfulness" practice in general - and meditation practice in particular - has, paradoxically, led to an experience

Mindfulness Training for Lawyers: An Introduction

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Taken from a mindfulness talk to attorneys, January 31, 2016 First, I would like to say that I am thrilled that you are here.  Your presence, with some intention to find or heighten inner peace, is presenting one more opportunity to improve conditions for you, for me, and for everyone and every thing with whom

What is Mindfulness?

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At its core, mindfulness refers to a felt sense of present-moment experience. This felt sense fundamentally differs from time caught in thought-driven judgements, interpretations, stories, fears, expectations, etc.  These latter mental formations though "real" are far more than often not "true" and often serve to disconnect one from present-moment experience - the only experience within

Understanding the Existential Pitfalls of Law Practice

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Few professions in contemporary American society produce more deeply entrenched ego-driven identities than law practice. To begin, the cerebral, logic-driven nature of law practice in itself serves as a starting point for one to easily lose touch with a grounded sense of being rooted not in intellect, but in present-moment experience. A litany of other

Mindfulness for Lawyers

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The cerebral and analytical nature of law practice can powerfully detract from an attorney's ability to maintain a grounded connection to present-moment experience.  Over time, protracted immersion in analytical thought can virtually separate one from felt, conscious experience both in law practice and in one's personal life.  When this detached orientation takes root, unhappiness, clouded

The Importance of Meditation for Lawyers

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Human beings have succeeded in evolving as a species largely as a result of unparalleled intellect and problem-solving faculties.  Our abilities to scan our environment for danger, conceive of and implement creative solutions, and learn from our experience have enabled us to thrive on this planet.  We have also been programmed with an internal reward