Mindfulness in Law ProgramIf you share a background and upbringing common to many, if not most attorneys, you grew up shouldering significant expectations tied to academic and professional achievement.  Throughout your formative years, a pervasive reward system tied to these expectations may have come both to dictate the range of interests and activities in which you engaged, as well as contribute to the formation of a “self-concept” that has come to heavily rely for survival on the maintenance of certain appearances, the performance of particular behaviors, and the continued achievement of specific objectives.

While there is no problem in learning to maintain goal-directed behavior, the tight parameters within which expectations were confined may very well have choked off the nurturing of other parts of one’s self that may actually be more authentic, core components of one’s makeup.  Mindfulness training offers a way towards renewed clarity on the pervasiveness of past conditioning.  In so doing, one can begin to internalize a strong sense that his or her next choices need not be dictated by this past conditioning.  One can begin to more meaningfully explore his or her core interests and aptitudes.  This new, unearthed core ultimately provides the platform for optimal personal and professional fulfillment moving ahead into the future.

MINDFULAW is the only program exclusively offering one-on-one mindfulness training for attorneys.  We custom-tailor each program based on the needs of each individual client.  Individual mindfulness sessions are charged at $175.00/hour, and we offer packages of five sessions for $750.00.  To learn more, we encourage you to contact us for a free 30-minute introductory consultation either by completing and submitting our confidential online form, or by calling (415) 508-6263.