Mindfulness for LawyersFew professions are as much built on analytical thought as is the practice of law.  Following years of legal training, and a near-constant dualistic, win/lose approach to so many situations, it is highly common – and almost expected – that an attorney would lose his or her felt sense of being rooted in experience as opposed to thought-driven intellect.

The disconnect from this felt sense of being can have serious adverse consequences both for an attorney’s effectiveness in practice and, perhaps more importantly, his or her overall health and wellbeing.

In the professional realm, severance from an experiential, felt sense of being will serve to deprive one of access to creativity and wisdom that arise when one feels truly connected to present-moment experience.  On a more broad, interpersonal level, entrenchment in analytical, egoic, dualistic thought can lead to general unhappiness and defensive, reactive tendencies that can sabotage important relationships.  Life in this way can also serve as a strong precursor of substance abuse and other addictive behaviors.

Mindfulness training for lawyers is a direct antidote to the overly analytical mode of so many attorneys, and can help reconnect attorneys  to this essential felt sense of being.  I work with attorneys to cultivate mindfulness through myriad exercises including heightened attention to the body, breath, seated and walking posture, sounds in the environment, etc.  I provide wide-ranging support and resources that help the attorney forge a more mindful connection in all areas of his or her life.

Ultimately, my mindfulness for lawyers training fosters a more happy, healthy and productive attorney that is far better positioned to succeed in practice, realize optimal health, and benefit society as a whole.